Practically oriented curricula are a central aspect of education at universities of applied sciences. When well-planned, this can be equally beneficial for students and teachers. Students gain insight into and contribute to real projects. This affords them the chance to gain competence in working across Faculties, institutions, or degree programmes and advance the knowledge they’ve gained in their studies. Instructors gain the opportunity to attempt numerous possible lines of enquiry through student work and this increases flexibility into projects. At OHM-UX, to achieve these gains, we use three approaches.

Course laboratories

All of the courses we offer for the efi Faculty have associated laboratories in which students apply and advance the theory they’ve learned in their courses. Most often simple example exercises are set as tasks, because most students have limited experience in laboratory settings. However, user experience design and usability engineering involve methods that are easy to learn and, if at all possible, should be tested in real, quite complex examples. We try to offer exactly that to our students. At the beginning of the semester, a project is defined that student groups will work on using the methods learned in coursework. Of course, we have many suitable project ideas in-house. But, perhaps you have one as well or you would like an aspect of your own project evaluated in terms of user experience or usability. If so, please get in touch with us. We can explore, if your topic is suitable for student work.

Interdisciplinary projects

At Nuremberg Tech in later phases their degree programmes, students work more intensely in larger groups on longer-term topics. These projects are notably interdisciplinary, in which teamwork - especially across disciplines - is increasingly significant. We also offer this type of project to our students, while we oversee the content and realization of the projects. Again: if you have a project or idea related to user experience or usability, please get in touch with us. This could be offered to students for their work and we ensure the quality of the work.

Final theses

The culmination of our degree programmes is the final thesis. It is the initial accomplishment paving the way for their professional development. Therefore it is important for students that they carry out their best work on engaging topics for their thesis.

At the OHM-UX, students can choose thesis topics from our research areas. We continuously have compelling topics, some more closely related to technology and programming, some less so. Please feel free to get in touch with us.

Or do you already have an idea for a project, possibly with an external partner from industry? If so, we are happy to contribute our knowledge in the field. It is, of course, best if we can pool resources, that is, when your external topic coincides with our own research interests. Do you have an idea? Then email us.