Within the framework of applied research projects, the participating professors continuously support the development of companies in a variety of sectors.

Current applied research projects

Examples of current applied research projects include:

Completed applied research projects

Examples of completed applied research projects include:

Liquidity risk management for an international industrial company with integrated financial service provider: In the course of the project, a model for calculating the minimum liquidity to be maintained was developed for an international industrial group listed on the DAX index.

Development of a management system for the worldwide production network of an automotive supplier:  In the course of the project, a set of proposals were developed on the basis of a manager survey for optimizing the operational management (planning, reporting, forecasting) of the research partner's global production network. The group is among the TOP 50 automotive suppliers worldwide.

Investment prioritization according to EVA and risk profile: Investments ensure the sustainable development of a company and its future business success. In the course of the project, a decision model (strategy conformity, profitability, risk development) for investment prioritization was developed for the core line of business of a DAX-listed industrial group.

Sales controlling in the context of market-oriented corporate management:  In the course of the project, the basic design options for an operational sales controlling system were established for a subdivision of a DAX-listed industrial group, typical difficulties in management processes at the interface between sales and controlling were identified, and a concept for the optimized design of operational sales controlling processes was developed.

Design of a performance-based evaluation of individual business areas with the aid of profit center accounting in SAP:  The project was concerned with the design of a profit center accounting system for the performance-based evaluation of individual business areas within a medium-sized international group in the electrical industry.

Controlling systems in restructuring: Controlling companies in a corporate crisis with the aim of restructuring or reorganization and a return to the growth path is a great challenge for companies.  For companies of medium size and above, this kind of control can only be achieved by using suitable control tools that are not tied to specific individuals. In the course of the project, a suitable concept was developed for a medium-sized company in the metal industry.

The problem of internal transfer prices in cross-border plant construction: In the course of the project, the participants identified how companies in the plant construction sector operating from several international locations could determine appropriate transfer prices for their internal service relationships, and how they would have to document these in accordance with legal requirements. The industry partner is a “hidden champion”.