Competence Center for Corporate Development, Management Accounting & Financial Control (CMAC)

Welcome to the CMAC Competence Center, the Competence Center for Corporate Development and Control at Nuremberg Institute of Technology.

On this website you will find the key players at the competence center along with their research fields, examples of completed projects, and current publications. Why not contact us? We look forward to working with you.

Our vision statement

The future-oriented development of companies is one of the core demands made on management. It generally requires the development of suitable strategies, innovative strength for generating growth, focus on implementation, and operational efficiency as well as the value-orientated use of capital.  

This places high demands on management, in particular in the management of technology companies, rapidly growing companies, and international groups of companies. In order to accomplish such diverse tasks, decision-makers turn, in practice, to methods and techniques from the core operational areas of controlling, finance, and accounting.

The CMAC Competence Center (Corporate Development, Management Accounting & Financial Control) focuses on the further development of such methods and techniques, conducts interdisciplinary applied research projects, links its own research projects into the international academic landscape, and provides interested third parties with information in this regard.

Corporate development is concerned with the various aspects of strategy development of companies and groups of companies, the development and management of business models, the formation of alliances, the management of growth and crisis situations, and the acquisition and sale of companies or parts of companies.

From a business management perspective, management accounting and financial control forms the backbone of future-orientated corporate development. Based on data from external accounting, situation-specific planning and control systems (management accounting) are used to illustrate the achievement of corporate objectives and ensure the value-orientated use of capital (financial control).

The professors involved have many years of professional experience in senior positions as chief financial officers or in commercial management. Industry expertise is incorporated into the activities of the competence center as it is updated, thanks to the practical experience and contacts of the key players. The particular practical relevance forms the basis for application-orientated research projects.

Our founding members: