Thermal energy systems


  • The development of compact heat exchangers, evaporators, and condensers
  • Efficiency increases for refrigeration systems and CHP
  • Thermal management of battery packs, vehicles, and buildings
  • Flexibilization of chillers and CHP plants
  • Integration of storage systems into thermal energy systems (ice storage systems, latent thermal storage systems, sensitive long-term thermal storage systems)
  • Energy management systems


Frank Opferkuch Frank Opferkuch
Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Tilman Botsch Tilman Botsch
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Michael Deichsel Michael Deichsel
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Eberhard Franz Eberhard Franz
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Thomas Metz Thomas Metz
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Research associate

Lennart Böse Lennart Böse
Florian Raab Florian Raab
Arne Stumpf Arne Stumpf