Increasing demands on sustainability and efficiency have triggered a need for development of new components and systems on a broad scale in energy engineering. The starting points for this can be found in energy-efficient buildings, decentralized systems, networking, storage, and digitization. The complexity of innovative technical solutions requires close cooperation between experts from a wide range of fields.

The Competence Center for Energy Engineering is an interdisciplinary institution of the Nuremberg Institute of Technology with scientists from the fields of process engineering, mechanical engineering, building services engineering, materials engineering, chemistry, electrical engineering, civil engineering, and architecture, who work together and with industry partners on new technical solutions for the efficient conversion, storage, and transport of heat, cold, electricity, or chemical energy sources.

The specializations of the Competence Center for Energy Engineering include research into new innovative systems for heat and cold generation and waste heat utilization, the development of optimized generators, drive systems, battery storage, fuel cells, electrolysis and electrosynthesis processes, and the associated power electronics, as well as the development of energy-efficient complete systems for building and plant technology.

Our research areas:

The Competence Center for Energy Engineering is co-financed by funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).