Based on the knowledge acquired in research projects,
the FPR advises clients in the areas of the research group’s
main fields of activity. Examples of these fields of activity include comminution and
dispersing technologies, processing of renewable resources,
screening technologies, processing of secondary raw materials, and
product qualification.
The FPR characterizes different particle properties such as
particle size distributions, specific surfaces, and surface energies,
within the scope of contract measurements. As an example, we measure particle sizes from
a few mm to the nanometre range.

 The FPR is happy to handle smaller research and development projects for YOU,
even within a time frame of a few weeks. In addition, long-term research projects
with industrial companies are also underway. There are various ways
for small and medium-sized companies in particular to apply for
financial support from various organizations
(BMBF, Bavarian Research Foundation, AIF, etc.). Why not get in touch?