The architectural utopia in the changing of things – an ontological investigation of the utopian in the architectural discourse between the Anthropocene and post-Anthropocene, object and environment.

PhD student: Jennifer Raum

Mentors: Prof. Dr.-Eng. habil. Jasper Cepl, Bauhaus University Weimar and Prof. Dr.-Eng. Richard Woditsch, Nuremberg Tech 

Start: 10/2020

Barriers and motivators in bicycle traffic - perception and quantification of traffic and urban planning factors that influence bicycle traffic.

Doctoral student: Daniela Ullmann

Mentors: Prof. Dr.-Eng. Harald Kipke, Nuremberg Campus Of Technology and Prof. Dr. Fred Krüger, Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nuremberg

Advice: Prof. Ingrid Burgstaller, Faculty of Architecture, Nuremberg Tech

Start: 12/2019