The IWWN, founded on 15 December 2016, brings together skills and expertise in hydraulic engineering and water resource management from across Nuremberg Institute of Technology. The hydroOHM hydraulic engineering and siwaOHM household water management laboratories form the basis for teaching experiments and a wide range of research into these fields. The IWWN’s field of work in teaching and research is both multi-layered and diverse. The key elements of the work carried out by the IWWN are services, fundamental and applied research into constructive hydraulic engineering, technical hydromechanics, hydrodynamics/CFD, marine construction and coastal protection, water supply, and wastewater and environmental technology. The IWWN team also carries out hydrometric and bathymetric measurements in situ, laboratory investigations and theoretical studies. The expertise available at the IWWN and the experience we have gained in creating and using physical and numerical models make us a sought-after partner in technical matters for authorities, municipal institutions, companies and/or engineering firms.