Montag, 03. April 2023, 16:00 Uhr – Offenes Ende

OHM International Summer School: Online information event "Exploring the Biomechanics of Rowing"


Nuremberg Tech's OHM International Summer School takes place from 17-28 July 2023. It comprises 4 interesting course options to choose from and a diverse culture und leisure programme for all participants in the summer school.

In this online information event the summer school course "Exploring the Biomechanics of Rowing-Simulation and Measurement" will be presented by the academic coordinator and there is room for all your questions.

Referent*in: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Franziska Vogel-Brinkmann
Art: Infoveranstaltung / Info event


Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier
More information can be found on the OHM-ISS website