International Field Trip – Miami Study Week 2017: Doing Business in USA

What is the meaning of the journey? It was the 14th time students of the Technical University of Nuremberg visited the Barry University in Miami, FL. The students had the chance to live a “Barry Life”, to experience the real campus feeling, joining lectures and visiting companies in America. Living the American life directly at Miami Beach, where the heart of the Sunshine State Florida beats.

It all started with two preparation sessions at the Technical University in Nuremberg with Prof. Dr. Werner Fees and Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Wellner to provide the students with important information about the trip.
From February 26th to March 4th, 2017 MBA, Master and MIFE students from the Technical University Georg Simon Ohm joined the “International Field Trip” at the Barry University in Miami, organized and accompanied by Prof. Dr. Werner Fees and Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Wellner. The focus of the study week was the subject: “Doing Business in USA”. The students took part in the following lectures and gained a lot of new insights.

  • Bitcoins (Prof. Dr. Charles Evans)
  • Comparing the Models of Microfinance (Prof. Dr. Nicole Castater)
  • Student Managed Investment Fond (Prof. Dr. Stephen Morrell)
  • Baidu, Alibaba, and Tenchent: The Three Kingdoms of the Chinese Internet (Prof. Dr. Roman Wong & Prof. Dr. Shirley Sheng)

Besides the theoretical background, the students of Technical University Nuremberg also got the chance to participate in two exclusive company visits. The first attendance was the company Flora Logisitcs of Miami Inc. which has its business mainly in the field of handling logistics and transportation needs of companies. The second organization was Port Everglades, the “Powerhouse Port of Florida”. With company presentations and site tours, both enterprises gave highly interesting once-overs in their daily business.
In their free time the students visited the Design District, the Everglades, the famous Miami Beach and other great attractions in and nearby Miami. Furthermore most of the students combined the one-week Study Trip with a longer stay in the US.

In the following summer semester 2017 four reworking sessions at the Technical University in Nuremberg with Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Wellner took place. The goal of these sessions was to get a background knowledge concerning the American economic situation, especially in relationship to the German market. In the interactive course the students held presentations about:

  • Values, Believes, Attitude of the young generation comparing USA and Germany (Politics, Leisure Time and Internet, Finance, Work and Family)
  • Practical example of a German mid size company doing business in the USA – chances and risks (Sandler AG)
  • Practical example of an American mid size company doing business in Germany – chances and risks (Office Depot)
  • Chances and risks of industry 4.0.Readiness of 4.0 of US and German companies. Comparing Chances and Risks

The course was complimented by the deep market knowledge of Prof. Dr. Wellner and his presentation about German Companies doing business in the USA with the example of ALDI.

All in all the students got an authentic impression of the American way of living, studying and the difference of interpersonal cooperation as well as many priceless experiences. In addition they got a in-depth look in “how to do business in the US”.

For real authentic impressions of the International Field Trip to Miami, have a look at the diary with the whole story of this week.

Here you can have a look at the Miami Diary of the Miami Study Week 2017.



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