"High Level Logistics" of a B2B Wholesaler – IBT students on a study trip to Hoffmann Werkzeuge in Nuremberg

“Operations Management is everywhere”. In the lecture “Operations Management” of Prof. Dr. Christoph Tripp, the IBT students learn about the importance of managing, designing, planning and improving the operations resources of industrial, retail and service companies.

For a better understanding of “real life processes”, about 40 IBT students went on a study trip to Hoffmann GmbH Qualitätswerkzeuge in Nuremberg, one of the European B2B wholesaling market leaders for tools and industrial equipment needed in production processes.

The Hoffmann Group with its location in Nuremberg is a global trading company, producer and service provider with a product range of more than 565,000 quality tools. Hoffmann is preferred supplier of small and medium sized companies and corporate groups in different business areas as well. The central warehouse in Nuremberg represents the most important logistics infrastructure of the whole Hoffmann Group worldwide.

At the beginning of the study trip, Andreas Meissner, Senior Director Operations Nuremberg, gave an overview of the Hoffmann Group, the site in Nuremberg and the future plans for a new warehousing location in Nuremberg. After this company presentation the students started on a two hour guided tour through the central warehouse. They were impressed by the different technical solutions for picking and packing (pick-by-light, pick-by-voice, pick-by-device) that Hoffmann is using during the order processing. The study trip ended with an open discussion and refreshment for all participants.

The study trip delivered an excellent insight into the physical order processing of a multinational company and is an ideal addition to the lecture. Many thanks to the Hoffmann Group!

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