Welcome at the website of the CP4ST research group

The Computational Physics for Sensor Technologies (CP4ST) research group has been established in 2023 with the goal to provide applied research in the field of sensor technologies. We apply multi-physical finite-element (FEM) simulations and accompanying analytical modelling to solve various kinds of questions that arise in the innovation process of sensor technologies.

While we are open for any kind of intriguing physics, our initial focus will be on ultrasonics, especially for flow sensing. This ranges from "simple" piezo modelling and transducer designing to novel approaches such as using guided waves for flow metering. Our focus is to keep track with the latest developments in this field, not only from a scientific point of view but also from the tooling one's. That is, we research how to apply new findings and methods to actual engineering problems. And of course, how to interpret the results. And ideally, with a more deep understanding of the underlying physics, also provide design rules for best possible initial guesses in a design loop.

We want to work closely with industry partners, bringing the physics point of view to engineering applications. Part of our activities is therefore to look out for partners and (public) funding opportunities that provide an attractive framework for close collaboration. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss further.


Mayle, Michael - Head of research group

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Open Positions

We are looking for enthusiastic students to get the research group started!


You are interested in the application of FEM simulation tools as well as analytical modelling to find solutions in the field of sensor technologies (most likely ultrasonic flow metering for the start)? Then do not hesitate and get in touch with us.


We can offer various topics for:

  • Projects (Anwendungsprojekte/Projektarbeiten),
  • Bachelor theses,
  • Master theses,

…and eventually even PhD theses, when we are fully operational.