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Nuremberg Institute of Technology has a unique profile and aims to continue its advancement in the university rankings. A variety of successes in teaching, research and management have shown that the chosen course has been the right one to date. Over the next few years and decades, the university therefore aims to pick up on pioneering developments and make sustainable changes.

Nuremberg Institute of Technology contributes towards the creation and maintenance of jobs through knowledge and technology transfer into the business community and society. Application-oriented research and development involving students takes a high priority. The large number of current research projects within the university, its institutes and competence centers reflects this potential for innovation.

Practice-oriented teaching and research provide education that enables students to apply scientific methods and creative concepts. The university works hard to promote the development of students’ social and intercultural awareness.

Within a regionally oriented Europe, the successful combination of regional ties with an international perspective forms one of the key tasks of all educational institutions. Nuremberg Institute of Technology is integrated into the structures of the European greater Nuremberg area. Research and teaching take account of the requirements and needs of the regional small business community. On this basis, the university is involved in creating and maintaining active partnerships with universities and businesses across the world. The active exchange of students, scientists and academics promotes the transfer of knowledge and culture across national and regional borders.

The university is characterized by a history as long as it is successful, and builds on the tradition of research personalities, such as Georg Simon Ohm and others, who have set the standard in research and teaching. This tradition is nurtured by members of the university and its network of alumni.

Nuremberg Institute of Technology consistently bases all of its activities on the requirements of its students and its partners in society and the business community. The necessary interdisciplinary and market-oriented work makes it possible to create integrated, process-oriented organizational structures. The university is committed to undertaking responsible commercial activity that is in accordance with ethical, social and ecological standards.

Personal involvement and identification with the university are prerequisites for shared success. Members of the university are supported in their roles, and work together in a partnership of openness and trust. The university is particularly concerned with ensuring the compatibility of a degree programme, professional activity and family life. For Nuremberg Tech, it is important that its members are and remain healthy.