Teaching and Learning Vision - to be in dialogue

A community process has dovetailed the approaches to and positions on teaching and learning at Nuremberg Tech since 2017 as formulated in our “Teaching and Learning Vision - to be in dialogue”. In particular two aspects inform teaching and learning: teaching and learning are mutually conditioning and the essential steering component is dialogue.

PDF download: “Leitbild Lehren und Lernen - im Dialog sein”


Research strategy

Nuremberg Tech endeavours to address trend-setting technical and social challenges and to engage in their innovative development. Our track record in applied research and development shows how successfully the university follows this principle. The university is amongst the most productive higher education institutions and applied research and development is a defining aspect of its profile.

PDF download: Forschungsstrategie der TH Nürnberg


Transfer strategy

Nuremberg Tech has already distinguished itself with successes and competence in many transfer areas. Our transfer strategy follows the overarching aim to strengthen the established, vital transfer culture and collaborative relationships at Nuremberg Tech; building on this basis, we aim to intensify and expand active exchange and cooperation with the business community, with cultural and non-profit institutions, with politics and scholarship, and with civil society.

PDF download: Transferstrategie der TH Nürnberg


Internationalization strategy

Nuremberg Tech regards itself as a university with strong regional ties within a globalized residential, employment, and research community.
Its development is closely entwined with the profile and future development of the region.

PDF download: Internationalisation strategy


Diversity strategy

“Diversity” is a fundamental concept in Nuremberg Tech’s vision. It is anchored in the university’s strategy and together with the concepts of “initiative”, “quality”, and “collegiality”, diversity is of central importance to the university’s profile and its appeal as a place to study.

PDF download: Diversitätsstrategie der TH Nürnberg


Digitalization strategy

Applied research, regional knowledge and technology transfer, innovative concepts in teaching, diversity, and internationalization are characteristics of Nuremberg Institute of Technology’s profile and are components of its strategic development.

PDF download: Digitalisierungsstrategie der TH Nürnberg