How much are living and study costs per month?

It is difficult to estimate a student’s cost of living at a flat rate. It varies greatly depending on your personal situation.

The 21st Social Survey of the Deutsches Studentenwerk, published in July 2017, offers a good orientation guide regarding expected costs. The following values come from that source:

Categories Average costs per month
Rent including additional costs323 euros                                       
Food168 euros
Clothing 42 euros
Study materials 20 euros
Car and/or public transport 94 euros
Health insurance, medical expenses, medication  100 euros
Communication (telephone, Internet, etc.) 31 euros
Leisure, culture, and sports 61 euros
Total costsapprox. €839

In addition, you will have to pay the Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg fee for each semester. Student Services (Studentenwerk) fee


In addition to support from parents and from part-time jobs, BAföG, scholarships, and student loans are the most common ways to finance studies. BAföG Overview of grants Student loans


You can find more information on the subject of study costs on the studis-online website.