Even though all study information sessions have been cancelled for the next few months due to the coronavirus crisis, this does not mean that you will have to do without personal counseling.

In addition to “normal” student counseling by phone or email, you can also get information and advice about studying and choosing a course of study online, face-to-face and via chat.Use your time at home to find out more about the study possibilities at Nuremberg Tech!

How it works

  • Please click on the button at the top of the respective lecture date from 10 minutes before the lecture starts.
  • Enter a name of your choice when the system asks for it.
  • You will then be called into the virtual room of the online session by the moderator as soon as the online presentation can start.
  • Please click on “Audio beitreten” or “Join with audio” in the pop-up window that opens, so that you can hear the presenter.
  • Please do not switch on your webcam and microphone.

Technical requirements

For online presentations offered via Zoom, the following technical requirements must be met:

  • Current browser (Firefox or Google Chrome are recommended)

  • Loudspeaker or headphones

You can actively participate in an online lecture by asking the speaker questions using a chat function.

Our student counsellors offer online lectures at regular intervals on a variety of topics related to your studies, such as:

  • Presenting Nuremberg Tech and its range degree programmes
  • How do I find the right degree programme?
  • Dual studies at Nuremberg Tech
  • How do I apply to study at Nuremberg Tech?
  • Presenting degree programmes at Nuremberg Tech

No registration is required to attend online lectures – just go online, enter the virtual room of the online lecture and switch on your headphones or speakers.We look forward to your participation!

An online presentation takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

Online presentation: An introduction to Nuremberg Tech and all bachelor’s degree programmes

Pupils in their final years of FOS/BOS as well as Gymnasium schools and other prospective students with questions about studying and choosing a course of study

Online presentation: Master’s degree programme in Business Law

Undergraduate students in or graduates of:

  • a university business/economics or equivalent programme with 210 credits or an equivalent degree and knowledge of German law (at least 30 credits) OR
  • an LL.B. in business law or an equivalent degree with 210 credits OR
  • successful completion of the First State Examination in Law.

Online presentation: Master’s programme in Industrial Engineering and Management

Students and engineers with bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, or related fields, who would like to further develop their knowledge and competence in the area of industrial production

Online presentation: Master’s programme in Business Administration

Undergraduate students in or graduates of a related degree programme with business or economics curricula, like Nuremberg Tech’s degree programme in Business Administration or equivalent degree programmes

2. Individual video consultation hours – individually or in small groups


Individual video consultation:
by personal arrangement

Group video consultation:
by personal arrangement

Simply get in touch with us!

You can imagine the open video consultation hour like a normal consultation hour with a student counsellor, except that you do not see and talk to each other “face to face”, but instead see and communicate via video on the screen/display.

In a one-to-one video consultation hour, we can individually answer questions about your studies, the university or application.

We are also happy to offer you a video consultation hour in small groups with a maximum of five participants if you and your friends would like to find out together about studying at Nuremberg Tech.

For a consultation appointment by video – whether as an individual appointment or in a small group – please contact us first by email tostudienberatungatth-nuernbergPunktde.

  • If you want to register for the open individual video consultation:As soon as you have written to us, we will arrange an individual appointment with you and send you the necessary access data.Please indicate briefly in your email the topic on which you would like to be advised.Please note that you can only participate using the Google Chrome browser.
  • If you and your friends would like to participate in a small group video consultation:Tell us in your email how many other participants there will be and which topic you would like to discuss.Your friends must also send us an email independently of you.You will then receive an email from us with the respective access data.Please note that you can only participate using the Google Chrome browser.


Further information:

The access data will be deleted after a period of 24 hours after the information event.

We use the CGM ELVI tool for the video consultation.This is a software for video consultation hours - independent of location and uncomplicated.It is TÜV-certified and meets the technical and data protection requirements and is therefore particularly suitable for personal consultations.

These are the advantages of this tool:

  • Easy handling
  • No special IT knowledge is required for the use of ELVI.
  • No download, no installation:To use ELVI, simply visit beratung.elvi.de and log in with your access data.You will receive these in advance by email from the Student Counseling Service.
  • Via ELVI, files can be viewed and exchanged together in accordance with data protection regulations.

In order to participate in a video call session, you will need the following hardware:

  • a webcam, a microphone and speakers.
  • You should also have a stable internet connection.
  • The webcam and microphone must be activated when you log in, otherwise it will not be possible to enter the online consulting room.
  • However, both hardware components can be switched on and off independently during the information event.
  • Participation in a video consultation hour is only possible via the Google Chrome browser.
  • Students of Nuremberg Tech for all questions concerning their studies,
  • Pupils in their final years of FOS/BOS as well as Gymnasium schools and other prospective students with questions about studying and choosing a course of study

3. Studi-Talks: Ask those who know!

Our students answer your questions about studying.You can easily make an appointment for a conversation with a student of your choice – by email, chat or telephone.Our students are there for you!

(Link to German webpage)

To the Studi-Talks

4. Student Counseling Portal

Our Student Counseling Portal allows you to access information and counseling online, anonymously and at any time.You can choose between forum, chat and individual consultation.Information and advice is mainly provided by students at Nuremberg Tech.The students are guided and supported in their work by the Student Counseling Service.

To the study guidance portal

Contact for questions

The team at the Student Counseling Service