From the 2020/21 winter semester and the 2021 summer semester, a student services fee of EUR 127 will be payable.

This is made up of

  • the basic fee of EUR 52 and
  • the collective contribution towards the semester ticket of EUR 75

When fees are due from first-year students/transfer students

First-year and transfer students must provide proof of payment of the Student Services fee of EUR 127 as stated in the admission letter by the date of enrolment.

If payment is not made in good time, enrolment will not be possible. 

If enrolling by post, please enclose proof of payment from your bank or a recent bank account statement.

The University’s bank account details can be found on your enrolment application form.

Refunds of the Student Services fee for first-year and transfer students

Should you not wish to accept your study place despite having already completed enrolment, it is only possible to obtain a refund if the university receives a request for removal from the student register by 14 March for a summer semester or 30 September for a winter semester.

If the university does not receive your request by these dates, a refund of the semester fee will no longer be possible.

Exemption from the collective contribution towards the semester ticket or the student services fee is only possible for: 

  • Severely disabled persons who hold a severely disabled person’s pass and are also able to prove entitlement to free carriage on public transport by means of a stamp from the Office for Family and Social Welfare.
  • Students who are enrolled in more than one higher education institution at the same time and are exempt from payment of Student Services (Studentenwerk) fees in accordance with Article 95, paragraph 2 of the Bavarian Higher Education Act, which defines said fees.

Please submit your application for exemption, plus the necessary evidence, together with your enrolment documents, or submit during the registration period if registering to continue your studies in the upcoming semester.