Educational operations began on 20 April 2020 and currently are taking place in virtual or digital formats only. Please read the following information about the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on your studies. We kindly ask you to regularly read the internet and intranet pages of the TH Nürnberg about the situation at the university and academic affairs (preferably once a day). Please also pay attention to the e-mails you receive from the university in this context via your e-mail account.

  • According to Art. 99 (2) of the BayHschG, the standard programme duration (Regelstudienzeit) has been extended one semester for all students who are registered at the university and who are not on leave of absence in summer semester 2020.

  • For statistical purposes the number of subject semesters (Fachsemester) must be increased, although Art. 99 (1) of the BayHschG stipulates that the Fachsemester in summer 2020 is not to be counted. This stipulation will be implemented by extending the deadlines and regular schedules in accord with the Terms of the Special Regulations to the APO in Summer Semester 2020 and in Winter Semester 2020/21 of the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm (APO) (Satzung über Sonderregelungen zur Allgemeinen Prüfungsordnung im Sommersemester 2020 und im Wintersemester 2020/21 der Technischen Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm (APO).

  • The Study Office / Student Advisory Service can be reached preferably by email. If it is absolutely necessary to meet in person, please make an appointment in advance. You can find our contact details here.

  • Library
    As 23 June 2020 the reading rooms of the Central Library are again open to the public. Reading rooms in the Departmental Library remains closed. Please note: The Central and Departmental Libraries will be closed from 17 August until the end of September due to the relocation to the new building.
  • No requirement to sit examinations
    If students are required to sit an examination (first attempt or repeated attempt) in summer semester 2020, this deadline has been officially extended until the end of winter semester 2020/21. Every examination attempt in summer semester 2020 is therefore of a voluntary nature. That means you do not have to request an extension of the examination deadline nor provide a medical certificate that you could not sit the exam due to health reasons.
    Please note, however, that this regulation does not apply to final theses or other papers under deadlines.
  • Failure of an examination
    If a student receives the mark 5.0 for a module, this examination attempt is not officially recognized. If, however, it was a first attempt, the examination for this module is considered sat and must be repeated within the regular examination deadlines. A repeat sitting of a passed examination in order to improve the mark is not allowed.
    Please note that this regulation does not apply to final theses.
  • Final theses (bachelor’s or master’s theses)
    As the current hygiene regulations require keeping personal contact to a minimum, the Student Advisory Service will remain closed until further notice. Final theses or papers should be submitted digitally (only) in pdf format via your TH email account to the first examiner and to studienbueroatth-nuernbergPunktde in cc. Please sign the declaration that you have produced the work yourself (plagiarism declaration), scan it, and send it along with the thesis and the assessment form by email to the recipients named above. More information about submitting final theses is available on the intranet pages.

Students who are in the practical semester during the current summer semester can continue their work in practice. However, it is the host company's decision whether it can continue to supervise students. Students in the practical semester should therefore consult with their company.

  • Dual students (also ICS) must work in their companies during the extended lecture-free period until April 19.
  • Working students can find information on the 20 hour rule on the information page of the Studentenwerk.
  • Persons who are in a contractually regulated employment relationship with the university, e.g. student assistants and tutors, must continue to perform their contractually agreed work. For example, tutors can provide more support in the creation and implementation of digital teaching content. Please contact your immediate superior or supervisor.
    • Applications, requests, submission of documents: we kindly ask you to clarify any concerns you may have with the university, e. g. with the Student Office, your Faculty, and your professors, if possible by telephone or email.
    • BAföG: Please read the information on the website of Deutsches Studentenwerk and Studentenwerk Erlangen/Nürnberg.
    • Library: You can find current information directly on the library's website.
    • Mensa/Mensateria: Please visit the website of Studentenwerk for more information.
    • OHMcard: Your student identity card (OHMcard) cannot currently be issued by the Faculties. However, in StudyOhm new students can print out a certificate of enrolment and present it together with your personal indentification if required.
    • Students who are pregnant: The ban on entering the premises of the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg for pregnant students has been lifted with immediate effect. They may enter university grounds and buildings at their own risk. This means that they may also take part in in-person examinations. However, it is recommended to clarify potential risks with a physician in advance. If you have any reservations about coming to the campus, please discuss this with the examiners/instructors for your course as a first step.
    • People who are breastfeeding: According to the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts there is currently no need to prohibit people who are breastfeeding from entering the university premises.
    • Semesterticket: For information, please visit the website of Studentenwerk.
    • Student loan programme from the KFW: The KFW is temporarily offering an interest-free loan for the purposes of financing education.
    • Students who are in financial need: For students who are in financial emergency situations due to the corona pandemic, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has established a bridging aid programme.  For more information, please visit the pages of the Studentenwerk with information about this programme.
    • Winter semester 20/21 - general information: The upcoming winter semester begins on 1 October 2020. Student ID cards and confirmations of enrolment are valid as of this date. The start of lectures for the individual degree programmes will be announced as the information becomes available. It is currently expexted that most degree programmes will begin with lectures on 1 October 2020. It is possible that lectures will begin later for first-semester students in NC degree programmes, which are processed by hochschulstart. This does not apply to current students, who are in higher semesters in these degree programmes at Nuremberg Tech.