On this page you can read about how the coronavirus pandemic affects your studies. Please check the  university’s website and intranet pages regularly (ideally once a day) for information about the situation on campus.. Please also be sure to read the emails sent to your university email account about this issue from the university.


Changes to proof of recovery status and vaccination status for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Two guidelines have been changes that are especially important during the examination period:

As of 15 January 2022, the validity of proof of recovery from Covid-19 (“Genesenennachweis”) has been reduced from 6 months to 90 days. In addition, a recommendation from the StIKo has come into effect, that requires a second vaccination for ‘fully vaccinated’ status in association with the Johnson & Johnson (“Janssen”) vaccine.

The “Länder” must now prepare transitional regulations for affected individuals.

Until these transitional regulations are available, the current 3G plus rule procedures for in-person examinations (Framework for in-person examinations at Nuremberg Tech remain in effect. This means that a proof of recovery is valid for 6 months and/or a proof of a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is an adequate proof of vaccination.

Please check your university email account regularly, to be sure you receive updates promptly. 

  • All important dates and deadlines for the winter semester are available in the semester schedule.

  • Your individual standard programme duration has been officially extended one semester, if you were enrolled in summer semester 2021 and not on leave of absence (Art. 99 (2) BayHschG). This applies retroactively to the winter semester 20/21 as well.
    Students who were enrolled at university and not on leave of absence in winter semester 20/21 and summer semester 2021, the standard programme duration (“Regelstudienzeit”) for their studies has been extended two semesters.
    For students who were enrolled at university and not on leave of absence since summer semester 2020, the standard programme duration (“Regelstudienzeit”) for their studies has been extended three semesters, accordingly.

  • For statistical purposes, however, the number of semesters (“Fachsemester”) must be increased, even if the study semesters in SoSe 20, WiSe 21, and SoSe 21 are not counted, as stipulated in Art. 99 (1) BayHSchG. This stipulation will be implemented by extending the deadlines and regular schedules in accord with the Terms of the Special Regulations to the APO (in German) .

  • In some cases, incorrect information is shown for individual standard programme duration in Confirmations of Enrolment. If you find this to be the case, please contact your contact person in the Student Office to correct this mistake.
  • Informationen zur Teilnahme an digitalen Prüfungen - German
    Information for students about digital examinations         - English     

  • Informationen für Studierende zu Präsenzprüfungen - German
    Information for students about examination with physical presence (in-person examinations) - English
  • Withdrawing from an exam
    In winter semester 2021/22, failure to attend a module or partial module examination is considered an effective withdrawal, even if the study and examination regulations (SPO) of a degree programme stipulate the opposite (as is the case for the Faculties of Business Administration, Architecture, and Civil Engineering, for example).
  • Requirement to sit examinations
    If you were required to sit an exam (required first attempt or repeat attempt) in winter semester 2021/22, this deadline has been officially extended until the end of summer semester 2022. Therefore all attempts at examinations in WiSe 2021/22 are of a voluntary nature. That means, you are not required to submit a request for an extension nor must you provide a medical certificate documenting your inability to sit an exam.
    Please note! This rule does not apply to scheduled assessments (project papers or final theses in bachelor’s or master’s programmes) nor to the completion of pre-requisite courses for master’s programmes (“Qualifikationsvoraussetzungen”) .
    Nor does this rule apply to individuals with (subject-specific) vocational qualifications who are in a probationary period of study: the probationary period of study still comprises 30 ECTS that must be completed in the first two semesters.
  • Failure of an examination
    If a student receives a 5.0 mark for a module in WiSe 2021/22, this examination attempt is not officially recognized.
    Please note! This rule does not apply to scheduled assessments (project papers or final theses in bachelor’s or master’s programmes) nor to the completion of pre-requisite courses for master’s programmes (“Qualifikationsvoraussetzungen”).
  • Final theses (Bachelor’s/master’s theses):
    As the current hygiene regulations require keeping personal contact to a minimum, the Student Advisory Service will remain closed until further notice.
    For the winter semester 2021/22, emailing your final thesis in pdf format from your university email account to the first examiner, the responsible Faculty office, and in cc to studienbuero@th-nuernbergPunktde , adequately meets the requirements of the deadline. Please note that depending on the regulations stipulated in the SPO under which you studied at least one printed copy that includes a signed, original Plagiarism Statement (“Eigenständigkeitserklärung”) in the bound format must be submitted. The bound copy of your thesis should be delivered to the Student Office after arranging an appointment to do so or, if agreed, to the responsible Faculty office. More information about submitting final theses is available on the intranet pages.

Students who are in the practical semester during the current semester can continue their work in practice. However, it is the host company's decision whether it can continue to supervise students. Students in the practical semester should therefore consult with their company.

  • Persons who are in a contractually regulated employment relationship with the university, e.g. student assistants and tutors, must continue to perform their contractually agreed work. For example, tutors can provide more support in the creation and implementation of digital teaching content. Please contact your immediate superior or supervisor.
  • Enquiries, submission of documents, requests, etc.: We kindly ask that you clarify any concerns you may have with the university, for example with the Student Office, your Faculty, or your professors, by phone or email.
  • BAföG: BAföG recipients can find information on the Federal Ministry of Education and Research website and on the Studentenwerk (Student Services) website.
  • University Library: Current information about the library’s opening hours is available directly on the Library’s website.
  • FAQs on Nuremberg Tech’s website and on the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts website (in German)
  • Canteen/cafeteria (Mensa): Please visit the German Student Services (Studentenwerk) website for information and regulations during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • OHMcard: Student ID cards (OHMcards) will be issued by the Faculties at the beginning of the lecture period. If you have not received an OHMcard, please contact your Faculty office.
  • Students who are pregnant: In accordance with a directive from the “Gewerbeaufsichtsamt” of Nuremberg, the President of the TH Nürnberg has implemented an order that students who are pregnant are prohibited from attending in-person events on the premises of the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg --for the protection of their health and of their children. This directive was reissued by the “Gewerbeaufsichtsamt” in November 2021 and is in effect until further notice.
    This means that students who are pregnant may not attend university-associated in-person events such as lectures, tutorials, practical courses, or seminars.
    Under certain conditions, individual exceptions may be made, e.g. to participate in examinations. To arrange such an exception, please contact the HSFG.
  • Women who are breastfeeding: According to the “Gewerbeaufsichtsamt” there is currently no need to prohibit students who are nursing/lactating from participation in in-person events.
  • Semester ticket: Please visit the German Student Services (Studentenwerk) website for information about the semester ticket.
  • Student Office/Student Advisory Service: Contact via email is preferred.  If it is absolutely necessary to see us in person, please make an appointment in advance. You can find our contact details under this link.
  • Student loan from KfW:: An interest-free loan to finance your studies is temporarily available from KfW.
  • Students in financial need:: Information on bridging aid provided by the federal government is available online.

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