Engaged and Educated – yes! But how? “Engaged and Educated” means more than just professional commitment to one’s own day-to-day studies, but also the practical application of what has been learned to meet real needs. In this way, student engagement with non-profit partners from the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region can create real added value for all involved.

Our “Service Learning – Engaged and Educated” contact point will support you in this process and would be happy to present specific projects to you. At present, our landing page features 40 project ideas in cooperation with 20 non-profit organisations from different disciplines. The project proposals are divided into the following categories:

Details of each project can be found directly on our Service Learning info page.


Name Contact
Doris Rosenkranz Doris Rosenkranz
Prof. Dr.

Contact person

Name Contact
Maren Grimm Maren Grimm
B.A. in Sozialer Arbeit
Martina Wucher Martina Wucher
Dipl.-Betriebsw. (FH)