NEW MATERIALS – one of the foundations of technical innovations. The materials used affect the performance and the economic and resource efficiency of industrial products.

The Institute for Chemistry, Materials, and Product Development (OHM-CMP) at Nuremberg Tech researches the complex aspects of product development – focusing on all the development steps of a product, from planning and material selection to production and the component’s end of life. New materials are highly innovative; product and substance developments occur in a socio-political and economic interaction. Scarcity of resources and expensive production sequences for established materials are often the trigger for new developments. Nuremberg Tech researches substitute raw materials which replace materials unavailable to individual areas, e.g. rare earths in magnets.

Organisations working in this area

Research is carried out into the product life-cycle. Areas of research encompass all of the stages of product development, materials, and manufacturing through to the end of a component’s service life.