FUTURE CITIES AND BUILDINGS - our growing world. According to the United Nations, around six billion people – in other words, two thirds of humanity – will be living in cities in 2050. For the infrastructure of our future cities and buildings, the challenges this will pose will be significant. What can we do to develop an efficient urban structure; how will residential and living environments change; what can we do to control traffic levels in metropolitan areas in a smart way?

At Nuremberg Tech, research into the problems posed by future urbanization is already under way. From the development of state-of-the-art façade elements made from biopolymers and the efficient use of energy in buildings through to research into traffic, the university already has all of the topics affecting urban planning in the future in its sights.

Organisations working in this area

Research is carried out into new materials in the context of energy-saving refurbishments and new-build projects. The areas of research are energy-efficient building systems and innovative and energy-saving materials for interior and exterior construction.