Preliminary research 2017

ARES – Waste reduction by recycling epoxy resin-based materials

Management:Prof. Gerd Wehnert
Faculty / Organisation:Faculty of Applied Chemistry

Fibre-reinforced plastics already have a wide variety of applications because of their excellent properties. Further significant growth is expected in future. The reasons for this are the increasing production figures in aviation and in the automotive industry, where they are combined with the required reduction of CO2 fleet emissions by 2020, and the upswing in the use of wind turbines. more about this project

Preliminary research 2016

3dParFlow – Investigations and validation of an innovative numerical calculation process for 3D modelling of discrete particles in a flow

Management:Prof. Dirk Carstensen
Faculty / Organisation:Faculty of Civil Engineering / Hydraulic engineering lab

The aim of the project is to gather knowledge about the possibilities of modelling moving solids, such as sediments and debris in a flow, using 3D CFD methods, and to use this knowledge for hydraulic engineering investigations. more about this project