The university’s key topics focus on future issues, economic sectors and areas of application and reflect, in part, the existing economic profile of the region. The vision statement of the Nuremberg European Metropolitan Region identifies seven areas of competence in which the region is demonstrating both its business and technological strengths.

Competence areas and clusters in the Metropolitan Region

Transport and logistics

The world’s first driverless underground railway system is just one example of the exciting projects that the transport and logistics sectors are working on here. The sectors employ over 140,000 people, with logistics alone accounting for 100,000 of those. The specific areas of interest in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region include: drive technology, individual mobility, logistics, intelligent transport systems, and railway technology, to name a few.

These developments are supported by the CNA e.V. initiative.




Comprising more than 500 industrial companies, the automobile supply industry has taken a leading role in the Nuremberg European Metropolitan Region. The region is host to companies covering almost the entire range of component competence required for full vehicle construction. Leading global companies together with a large number of highly innovative small and medium-sized operations now form an important pillar of the German automobile industry. Products and expertise from the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region are now used in almost all vehicle types in Europe and beyond.

Nuremberg Tech is specifically involved in the research and development of vehicle modules in the areas of mechanics, electronics, mechatronics, plastics and technical textiles.

These developments are supported by the CNA e.V. initiative.

Information and communication

The Nuremberg Metropolitan Region is one of the most powerful market research locations in the world. What the institutes discover here is of interest both to international institutions and regional service providers. These work primarily in auditing and taxation, but also contribute to the communication sector, the design industry, and the trade fair and exhibition business.

The Nuremberg Initiative for the Communications Industry (NIK e.V.) is the project platform supporting the information and communication technology sector.

Medicine and health

The concentration of manufacturers, research and education institutes, hospitals and service providers from the medical engineering sector, unique to this region of Germany, gives the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region its nickname “Medical Valley”. Around 45,000 people are employed here at around 200 companies, including Siemens Healthcare. Back in January 2010, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research recognized the excellence of the structures in this region by designating them a national leading-edge cluster. This accolade brought with it over 80 million euros of investment in innovative, strategic projects seeking to make sustainable and certifiable improvements to healthcare provision.

Energy and environment

The ENERGIEregion Nürnberg e.V. competence initiative is the central network platform for energy and environment in the Nuremberg European Metropolitan Region. The various areas of competence of its members, which come from the energy economy and energy research sectors, have been brought together to strengthen competitiveness. The Nuremberg Metropolitan Region is an outstanding business location for energy and environmental technology in Europe.

New materials

The main sectors profiting considerably from the development of new materials include the automobile industry and suppliers, aeronautical engineering and rail transport technology, mechanical engineering, plastics processing, ceramics, porcelain and glass manufacturing, the textile and clothing industry, the semiconductor industry, and electronic, communications, medical, energy and environmental technologies.

Automation and production technology

The Nuremberg Metropolitan Region occupies a leading position here, supplying well-known global leaders as well as numerous small and medium-sized technology specialists and research institutes. Nuremberg has a renowned exhibition space for automation technology hosting leading global trade fairs such as SPS IPC DRIVES, SENSOR+TEST, and embedded world.

The Automation Valley Nordbayern network, a leading international network of companies and research institutes, enhances the innovative capacity of providers in Northern Bavaria and strengthens networking among industrial users.