Internal further training courses

Many institutions at Nuremberg Tech offer ongoing events for research staff. The current range of events can be found on the VirtuOhm platform. You will need your Nuremberg Tech user ID to log in.

Career Service offers

The Career Service will assist you with planning the next stage of your career, in particular with going into business. On the Career Service website, you will find information about university workshops and the current seminar programme. You can also take advantage of the individual career planning advice sessions offered by the Career Service team.

Supporting women in research

The proportion of women in scientific professions has risen in recent years, but the number of women in senior positions in this field is still low, in particular in the STEM subjects. In the spirit of equality, Nuremberg Tech would like to encourage qualified women to pursue a career in science. The University Service for Diversity and Occupational Health (HSFG) therefore offers advice sessions and events for women who are interested in working in research and in particular towards a doctorate or professorship.

Julia Silber Julia Silber