Students have a large number of opportunities when it comes to spending part of their studies abroad:
They can complete a semester of studies abroad, attend a summer school, obtain a double degree, write their final thesis abroad, or obtain a doctorate that involves one of the partner universities abroad.

International Student Identity Card (ISIC) free of charge for degree-related study abroad

Dear Students,

Now there is even more reason for you to study abroad!
You can get the popular International Student Identity Card (ISIC) directly from your university.

An ISIC is the perfect companion for international students: it gives access to discounts on
leisure, eating out, travel, and much more. All the information can be found on the ISIC web page.

Special offer:
If you are travelling for the purpose of a semester abroad or an internship abroad, the ISIC will be funded for you, i.e. the usual fee of 15 euros will be waived.

Where can I get an ISIC?
You can obtain an ISIC from Stefanie Ueberberg

“Certificate of International Competence” (NIKo)

p>Have you spent a semester abroad (study or internship), volunteered in the international sphere during your studies, attended extra-curricular language courses, or boosted your intercultural skills by attending training or country seminars?

Nuremberg Tech will reward your additional commitment with the “ Certificate of International Competence ” (NIKo), which you will receive free of charge.

Further information is available in this pdf.