Students have a large number of opportunities when it comes to spending part of their studies abroad:
They can complete a semester of studies abroad, attend a summer school, obtain a double degree, write their final thesis abroad, or obtain a doctorate that involves one of the partner universities abroad.

International Student Identity Card (ISIC) free of charge for degree-related study abroad

You can get the popular International Student Identity Card (ISIC) directly from your university. An ISIC is the perfect companion for international students: it gives access to discounts on
leisure, eating out, travel, and much more. All the information can be found on the ISIC web page.

Special offer:
If you are travelling for the purpose of a semester abroad or an internship abroad, the ISIC will be funded for you, i.e. the usual fee of 15 euros will be waived.

Where can I get an ISIC?
You can obtain an ISIC from Stefanie Ueberberg