Shorter stays abroad

Unknown cultures, a different language, new friends, different approaches to your subject - a time abroad is exciting and formative. But you don't have to pack your bags for a semester or a year. Summer schools or other shorter stays abroad are a compact alternative.

Offers from our partner universities as well as selected scholarship programs for shorter stays (in German)


PROMOS: A programme to enhance student mobility | Application deadline is 4 February 2021 for SoSe 2021 / 8 July 2021 for WiSe 2021

Grants and travel cost allowances for periods of study or internships for students from Nuremberg Tech, worldwide.

The DAAD’s PROMOS programme is financed by funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and supports stays abroad for up to six months worldwide.

The application process is managed by the International Office at Nuremberg Tech.



Deadline for applications:

  • 4 February 2021 for stays during summer semester 2021
  • 8 July 2021 for stays during winter semester 2021/22

Renate Zehetbauer


Bavaria and the Czech Republic: Special call for candidates for Bavarian-Czech academic projects during the coronavirus pandemic

Dobrý den - guten Tag - grüß Gott,

The Bavarian-Czech Academic Agency announced two special calls in the “Bavarian-Czech academic projects 2020” funding programme for projects from Bavarian universities, universities of applied sciences, and art academies with partners at universities and scientific institutes in the Czech Republic - with a request to forward information about the call to other interested parties.


Special call for candidates for Bavarian-Czech academic projects during the coronavirus pandemic:

- about the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences for science and society

- about digital formats in research and teaching

Further information is available at on their German site under“Förderung” and “Bayerisch-tschechische akademische Projekte”.



Virtual interpreter booth: This specially tailored app provides the opportunity to organize border-crossing seminars, workshops, or conferences in virtual spaces with simultaneous interpreters.

Further information: Videoconferencing


China: HKBU Global Summer Institutes 2021| Application deadline: April 2021

HKBU Global Summer Institutes 2021

We welcome faculty-led programmes joining our HKBU Global Summer Institute as part of building an international community of scholars and students at HKBU.  We invite your faculty (visiting faculty) to bring students to HKBU for the summer programme and HKBU provides classroom facilities for your course.  Your students can also take one of many courses for credits offered by HKBU (optional).  HKBU will provide a one-stop service which saves the visiting faculty from all the troubles on logistical arrangements while allowing them to tailor their own study abroad programmes to fit your university’s goal:

1. Free classroom facilities
2. Flexible duration of stay for visiting faculty (falls in July 2021)
3. Tuition fee waiver for students
4. On-campus accommodations for students
5. Assistance for on-campus accommodation for visiting faculty
6. Cultural enrichment activities (including “Macao World Heritage Excursion” and “Exploring Hong Kong’s Urban Culture”)
7. Diverse international community
8. Arrival pick-up and visa application handling

It is our hope that certain quota is given to HKBU students for joining the course conducted by the visiting faculty.  The course can be for credit or not with an open theme in any discipline.

For your reference, the all-inclusive package fee was HK$14,300 (US$1,850) per student in 2020.  Please refer to the leaflet for details.  To enrich the programme, intellectually-stimulating seminars and activities involving various stakeholders are planned to enhance students' intercultural competency.

I would be grateful if you would indicate your interest to us.  Once we hear from you and/or your faculty, our team will proceed to the next steps working on the logistics with you.  We will ensure your faculty-led programmes run as smoothly as possible at HKBU!

Looking forward to collaborating with you!

Best Regards,
Yvonne Lee

Director, International Office
Hong Kong Baptist University
+852 3411 2187 | |


USA, Lousiana: “Leaders in Entrepreneurship” for undergraduate students in engineering | Application deadline 3 March 2021

For undergraduate students in engineering | Application deadline 3 March 2021

“Leaders in Entrepreneurship” at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge from 28 August - 20 September 2021

This programme offers and excellent introduction to the topic of entrepreneurship with seminars, company visits, and practice-oriented team projects. Participants gain direct insight into studying engineering and life on an American campus.

Detailed information about this stipend is available on our webpage
The call is tagged on Facebook and Instagram with #FulbrightGermany

Application deadline is 3 March 2021.

If you have questions, Carolin Weingart-Ridoutt is the contact person at specialprogramsatfulbrightPunktde .