“Certificate of International Competence” (NIKo)

Have you spent a semester abroad (study or internship), volunteered in the international sphere during your studies, attended extra-curricular language courses, or boosted your intercultural skills by attending training or country seminars?

Nuremberg Tech will reward your additional commitment with the “Certificate of International Competence” (NIKo), which you will receive free of charge.

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FAQ: Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions

To obtain the “NIKo” Certificate of International Competence, you need to demonstrate participation in activities in one or more of the following areas of competence: 

Ω Living abroad 

Ω International coursework or training 

Ω Language acquisition 

Ω Intercultural/international engagement    

You must collect a total of 30 points. Details of how many points are awarded for which activities and what documents or confirmations are required in order to obtain the certificate can be found here.

Please enter the attained individual achievements in the record sheet. As soon as you have collected the required number of points, please bring your record sheet and copies of all documentation to the International Office. The Office will check your documents and you will then receive your certificate.

If an activity organizer does not issue certificates, you can provide evidence of participation by asking them to complete and sign a record of participation.

You must be enrolled at Nuremberg Tech throughout the period of collecting points in the areas of competence up to and including the time when the certificate is awarded. 

No. The certificate is offered as a supplement to the existing degree programmes available at THN and is a voluntary activity. Its purpose is to acknowledge voluntary commitments that you have undertaken in an international and intercultural setting in addition to the compulsory aspects of your degree programme and is therefore not included in the degree programme overviews or the study and examination regulations.

Depending on individual effort and the area of competence, it may take one or more semesters to obtain the required number of points. The number of lecture hours you need to spend on individual activities can be found in the record sheet. (This document is only available to university members. You will require VPN access in order to open the document outside of THN.)

You can collect the 30 points required for the awarding of the certificate throughout your entire degree programme. You must provide evidence of all points by no later than the end of your degree programme in order to obtain the certificate together with your diploma.

The certificate records that you acquired international competence in one or more of the four competence areas in addition to your compulsory activities. It does not record a grade or detailed designation of individual courses attended.

Nuremberg Institute of Technology offers many opportunities to engage in activities that promote international and intercultural awareness. The staff in the International Office can provide advice and support in relation to many internationally oriented activities. You can also find details on the following pages.


Country-specific seminars (“International coursework or training” competence area) may be completed both at Nuremberg Tech and the following institutions:


If you are interested in obtaining the “NIKo” Certificate of International Competence, please register using the form provided here.