“200 Jahre Ohm” - 200 and more faces

The Ohm has turned 200 years old. When it began, the university was mainly a male sphere, but it is distinctly different today. Diversity has developed and we want to show it.
Who are the people at the Ohm? How diverse is the Ohm?

We plan to create a collage that will show who we are, together with at least 200 of you. The more people join us, the bigger, brighter, and better it will be.

This is how it works:
Upload a colour photo that shows you from the front, from the top of your head to chest height against a light background. An example can be seen here.

Your answers to our three questions will not be published. We are developing a new project, MINTkonkret, to help female pupils get oriented academically and professionally. MINTkonkret will show what career pathways can follow from a STEM degree, like the programmes offered at the Ohm. We are looking for suitable interview partners for this project. Your answers will help us to find people who we can speak to about being a role model in the project. We would like to contact you, where appropriate.