IBMPP – Image-based media production chain

In a conventional computer graphics processing chain, virtual worlds are typically described using polygon-based 3D models. This approach constitutes a quasi “industry standard” for 3D real-time applications. Despite further technological developments in hardware and rendering, the following core goals are still a fundamental challenge in interactive computer graphics: time and memory efficiency, high-level of interactivity, (photo-)realistic image synthesis, and cost-effective media production.
The aim of the “image-based media production chain” project is to pursue an alternative solution instead of traditional computer graphics. By amalgamating concepts from computer graphics, image processing, and machine vision, we hope to design methods and techniques and implement these in software to enable the future implementation of a purely image-based, and therefore geometry-free. media production chain.

The intention with this approach is not to replace the conventional processing chain; it should rather be seen as a supplement or more cost-effective alternative that should simplify the development of 3D application, for example interactive films or dynamic virtual sightseeing tours.

Prof. Bartosz von Rymon Lipinski

Project start/end

November 2018/December 2023

Participants - collaboration

  • Simon Seibt, M.Sc (Doctoral candidate)
  • Prof. Bartosz von Rymon Lipinski (supervisor, Nuremberg Institute of Technology)
  • Prof. Marc Erich Latoschik (supervisor, University of Würzburg)
  • Prof. Sebastian von Mammen (co-supervisor, University of Würzburg)

This is a collaborative doctorate of the Bavarian Science Forum (BayWISS) in the collaborative research centre "Digitisation".