Games and computer science

Digital games have long been a part of our society and form one of the most important and lucrative areas of the creative and culture industry. Furthermore, they have a central technological influence on numerous aspects of today’s software and hardware industry. For this reason, we see the underlying technology as one of the factors that may not only offer wide-ranging opportunities to develop the job market in the future but may also have an impact on how we use increasingly interactive and intelligent technical systems in our day-to-day lives.

Research and study

As an academic institution, we want to offer the opportunity to work with the fundamental methods and techniques for designing and implementing interactive worlds to the next generation. This includes a selection of courses, primarily from Computer Science and Media, as well as opportunities to participate as a team in the development of video games as part of teaching projects and placements.

Teaching here is based not only on the tools and approaches used in the games industry but also our own internal research and development projects. Here, we focus on technologies for converging different media forms and solutions to simplify and automate the production of new media content.

Laboratory management

Prof. Dr. Bartosz von Rymon Lipinski