Berührungslose Gewichtsschätzung mittels Libra3D (Projekt des Labors für Mobile Robotik)

Current research projects

  • Mobile device-supported communication system for artificially ventilated patients - Prof. Giesler
  • RayGuard - Wearable X-ray exposition biofeedback system for surgeons - Prof. Giesler
  • Therapy software for the application of eccentric viewing training for people with central scotoma (together with the Sehförderzentrum Chemnitz) - Prof. Giesler
  • Water lifesaver - “Wearable” used to prevent bathing accidents/drowning - Prof. Giesler
  • Development of a heart rate monitor based on Arduino and Android - Prof. Thomas Mahr
  • genesis - Prof. Helmut Herold
  • genesis DeTaMaks - Promoting and maintaining everyday practical skills in people with mild or moderate cognitive impairment (in cooperation with the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg Psychiatric University Hospital) - Prof. Helmut Herold
  • genesis reading course - Exercises for children, adolescents, and young adults (in cooperation with the Faculty of Education for those with Mental Disability and Behavioural Disorders of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich) - Prof. Helmut Herold
  • genesis VisionTest - A concept for a comprehensive screening device to prevent amblyopia with children from the ages two to six - Prof. Helmut Herold
  • OCT-push - Optical coherence tomography with increased resolution (biophotonics) - Prof. Mönch
  • Benchmark analysis of commercially available LED lamps Prof. Mönch
  • Testing of solar viewers Prof. Mönch
  • Development of a device to measure muscle tone in the quadriceps extensor - 2014, funded as a preliminary research project at Nuremberg Tech - Prof. Walter

Completed research projects

  • Libra3D - Weight estimation of patients in the emergency department using optical sensors, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, BMBF