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Faculty research facilities

Research collaborations

  • Institute for Chemistry, Materials and Product Development (OHM-CMP)
  • Competence Center for Energy Engineering
  • Energie Campus Nürnberg (EnCN)
  • Nuremberg Campus of Technology (NCT)

Current research projects

  • Increasing efficiency in electric drive trains - Prof. Dietz
  • Energy-efficient control concepts for drive systems and power-electronic energy systems (project phase EnCN 2.0 - 2017-2021) - Prof. Dietz
  • FVA project into electromobility: “Dynamic dependencies within the DC-intermediate circuit” - Prof. Dietz
  • KaskaEE - Cascade machine as a generator for decentralized, regenerative energy generation - Prof. Dietz
  • Compensating for harmonics in electricity networks - Prof. Graß
  • “Verteilnetz2020” (Distribution Network 2020) - Prof. Dietz, Prof. Graß
  • Optimizing technical building systems - Prof. Kießling
  • Increasing the efficiency of electrical machines - Prof. Kremser
  • Iron losses in rotating electrical machines - Prof. Kremser
  • Green Factory Bavaria: “Production-optimized configuration of high-efficiency electrical drive systems” - Prof. Kremser
  • Innovative energy-efficient drives with multiphase machines (project phase EnCN 2.0 - 2017-2021) - Prof. Kremser
  • A synchronous reluctance machine as a dynamic, electrical drive not requiring rare earths - Prof. Kremser
  • VERINA - Magnetic hysteresis in hard-magnetic substances in highly dynamic electrical industrial drive systems - Prof. Kremser
  • Decentralized energy storage systems - Prof. Opferkuch
  • MicroRankine - plant technology for the conversion of waste heat into electricity using a steam process - Prof. Opferkuch
  • NDSens - sensor technology and control for efficient chillers and heat pumps - Prof. Opferkuch
  • ODDURE - Overcoming the digital divide by using renewable energies - Prof. Ströhla and Prof. Hofbeck (AMP Faculty)
  • MaTE - Magnet-free traction motors in electric mobility - Prof. Wagner
  • Active motor base - Active vibration damping of electrical machines on elastic steel frame constructions - Prof. Werner
  • impACt B - Influence of manufacturing process on AC - motors technical behavior - Prof. Werner