Faculty research facilities

Current research projects

  • Space-filling curves on uniform grids - Prof. Arndt
  • Combinatorial algorithms and discrete algebraic structures - Prof. Arndt
  • Low-level and seminumerical algorithms - Prof. Arndt
  • Fast orthogonal transformations and high-precision arithmetic - Prof. Arndt
  • PLC2PAR - Programmable Logic Controller goes Parallel
    Funded by Software Offensive Bavaria, Information and Communication Technology; 1 November 2013 - 31 January 2017 - Prof. Jürgen Bäsig
  • FIKTAT 4.0 - Flexible and intelligent small drive technology for industry (model-based predictive control) - Prof. Dietz
  • Increasing the efficiency of electrical machines - Prof. Kremser
  • Emulation and rapid prototyping of electronic circuits for test program development before the components are available. - Prof. Claus Kuntzsch
  • SAfEMiA - SAR ADC for Energy, Metering and Industrial Applications
    Funded by the “Zentrale Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand” (Central Innovation Programme for SMEs, ZIM) of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology (BMWi) 15 November 2014 – 31 March 2017
    - Prof. Claus Kuntzsch
  • Dwell-coherent detector for non-equidistant radar signals - Prof. Mahr
  • iDeepMon - Intelligent Deep Mine Shaft Monitoring, EU Project, EIT Raw Materials - Prof. May
  • Rescue robots - Robot assistance for exploration in rescue missions - Prof. May
  • Printing technologies for the production of thermoelectric generators - Prof. Reichenberger 
  • Printed conductive structures for back-injected thermoformed films - Prof. Reichenberger
  • Conservation of resources and reduced environmental impact through digital, additive printing technologies in circuit carrier production - Prof. Reichenberger
  • Automation technology (research specialization) - Prof. Schmidt-Vollus

Completed research projects

  • FLAIR - Development of an airborne test system to assess installed photovoltaics with infrared thermography, ZIM network - Prof. May