• Team AutonOHM Rescue WM Montreal 2018
  • Deutscher Meister Team AutonOHM Rescue Magdeburg 2018

RoboCup Rescue World Cup 2018 in Montreal

Rescue robot Schrödi earns a top-place finish: the AutonOHM Rescue team once again ranked among the best of the 22 participating groups at the RoboCup World Championship Cup, claiming fifth place. In the RoboCup RESCUE competition area, the robots intervene in a simulated disaster scenario. The task is to autonomously find the simulated victims hidden in the arena.

At the RoboCup in Montreal, the AutonOHM team had to tackle some challenging tasks for the first time: for example, Schrödi the rescue robot had to ascend a staircase and recognize a victim from above from its inclined position. The team also scored the highest marks in the task of opening doors with the robot arm. 

RoboCup Rescue 2018: German champions!

Both teams (Rescue and @Work) once again faced three turbulent days at this year’s RoboCup German Open, held in Magdeburg.  

Challenges such as the failure of the main motor and several servo motors in the robot arm, as well as problems with the software, had to be solved by working overnight. But even wide-scale damage caused by the robot rolling over or the loss of chains could not stop the AutonOHM team.

The AutonOHM team crowned German champions in rescue robotics!
On the second day of the competition, the team scored top points in all the challenges and qualified for the Best in Class Dexterity Final in addition to the overall final. This outstanding performance shows that the Nuremberg team is a serious competitor at the World Championships in Montreal, Canada. They are looking forward to competing there with Schrödi and proving their skills.

The RoboCup Rescue looks at the use of robots to search for human victims after disasters have occurred. The goal is for the systems to autonomously enter damaged buildings to provide the rescue teams with information about the location and situation of people trapped within.

The AutonOHM team at Nuremberg Tech is based on cooperation between the efi and Mechanical Engineering Faculties in the form of a long-standing automation center. Given the multifaceted problems that arise in the fields of mechanics, actuator technology, sensor technology, and data processing, we see these Faculty collaborations as advantageous synergies in achieving mobility and autonomy in our robot systems.