Services of the library

Here you will find all the information about our services that we can provide under the Covid-19 restrictions.

Further information on the closure of cultural and academic institutions in Bavaria can be found on the website of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Art.

+++ The Library opens on 2 October 2020. +++

+++ Important! You may only enter the Library if you have registered for contact information collection (Kontaktdatenerfassung) +++

This page is updated regularly.


We are available in-person in the new building and via telephone or via email at the following times:

Central Library


Monday - Friday

9.00 am - 6.00 pm

Wednesdayno service* 9.00 am - 11.15 am



*) Information from specialist staff, issuing/extending of library cards, fee transactions, booking of special media (interlibrary lending, handset, laboratory inventory)


Phone: 0911 / 5880 - 4000

Email: bibliothekatth-nuernbergPunktde


As of now it is possible to borrow books from the university library via our OPAC. When ordering, please make sure you choose the respective library: OPAC Teilbibliothek or OPAC Zentralbibliothek. Search for the desired literature and then click on the link to order. To do this, you must log in to the OPAC with your library number and password. You can pick up the ordered media on the third day (for example: order on Monday, pick up on Thursday) at the library you ordered at. You can find the ordered media, just like the reservations, in the pick-up shelf of the libraries. As of 23 June 2020 students can independently retrieve books from the stacks in the Central Library during opening hours and check them out.


Returning the medium is possible at the self-checkout station as well.

Interlibrary orders that are available for pick-up are in the pick-up shelf in the Central Library. These materials must also be checked out using the self-service check-out terminals. Returns are only possible via the self-service terminals, if the yellow ticket is in the plastic pocket (RFID-ticket-pocket). Returns of interlibrary loans without a yellow RFID ticket are only possible via post due to technical reasons.

The borrowing/returning is available during our current opening hours from Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Borrowing is also possible with an OHMCard that is not yet validated.

Following notes are only valid for the Departmental Library beginning 23 June 2020:


Book shelves, work and research stations, validators, copiers, and scanners are locked; no staff is available at the service counter.

Please consider the following rules when borrowing or returning media:

  • Only three people can enter the library at the same time.
  • Please maintain the general safety distance of at least 1.5m.
  • Entering is only allowed if you wear a face mask covering your mouth and nose.

For this reason, it is also important that you limit your orders to what is really necessary.

Printed journals

Do you need a journal article from our library? Please contact the library team by telephone (0911 / 5880-4242, in Bahnhofstraße also via the in-house telephone on the ground floor at 4242), or by e-mail (bibliothekatth-nuernbergPunktde) during opening hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Borrowing Laptops

Laptops are available for loan. Please place a reservation via OPAC.


Ordered Handsets and media for laboratories will continue to be sent via interoffice mail.

The reading rooms in the Library are open (Mon-Fri 9.00 am - 6.00 pm) and therefore the stacks are also accessible again.

Although, the following instructions and rules must be followed:

  • Each Library user must register for the collection of contact information in VirtuOhm before entering the Library premises (Room: KL.000); non-university members may use a form to do this at the entrance. It is not possible to enter the Library without registering!
  • Work spaces no longer have to be reserved. Group rooms may currently only be used as individual work spaces. Working in groups is not permitted in any spaces in the Library.

    Due to the hygiene regulations, the work spaces have been significantly reduced.
  • A face mask that covers the mouth and nose must be worn in Library rooms. You may remove your face mask when seated at a work space.

Information about recalled items subject to fines

Because the library has re-opened, we are obliged to recall media that are overdue and begin charging fines for such items.

Therefore, it is essential that you return all borrowed items that are due to the library!

If fines have accrued on your library account, you can pay them in cash with your OhmCard at an Ohm Service Terminal. Please note which terminals are accessible on campus (this information is available on the intranet pages of the IT Center, see the column labelled “Aktuelle Verfügbarkeit”. To view this page from home, you will need to use the VPN).

During the time the libraries are closed, beginning on 15 August 2020, bank transfers are accepted for the payment of fees. Please contact bibliothekatth-nuernbergPunktde to request the bank transfer information.



Interlibrary loans are possible.

Orders made via interlibrary loan will be available on the pick-up shelf, after they are delivered. Media ordered via interlibrary loan must be checked out at the self-service check-out terminals. Returns are only possible via the self-service terminals, if the yellow ticket is in the plastic pocket (RFID-ticket-pocket). Returns of interlibrary loans without a yellow RFID ticket are only possible via post due to technical reasons.

Note about the notice in your OPAC user account: interlibrary loans are not available 3 opening days after the order was placed. This notice only applies to orders from the stacks of the Central or Departmental Libraries.

Please note that the interlibrary loan service will not be available via our library from 26 June 2020 until 18 September 2020 (planned), due to the library’s relocation into the new Information Center this summer.

If you require media via the interlibrary loan service, please contact the Economic and Social Science Branch Library (WSZB) of the FAU. You will need a valid library card to use the FAU libraries. You can register for a library card with your OHMCard with the payment function and a valid personal ID.

If you already have a library account with the FAU libraries, you can search and order via their OPAC.

Temporarily, as an expensive alternative to the interlibrary loan service, you can use the document delivery service “subito”:

With over 410,000 e-books, 133,000 e-journals and numerous databases, the library now has a larger electronic media stock than printed media. This means that we can supply you with literature even during this time.

All electronic offers can be found in the OPAC or via our website.

Please note the information on VPN for use from home.
Only members of the university can use the electronic offer.

The workshops planned for this semester could not be held due to the current restrictions and guidelines for educational operations.

In consultation with the workshop trainers, the workshops are available online via Moodle.

Please note that final thesis consultations and open slots for the introduction to Citavi are not currently possible. You are welcome to use the materials (in German) from past library workshops.

For some time now, the library has been offering lecturers the possibility of scanning printed publications for the electronic semester apparatus within the framework of copyright law and making them available. You can continue to use this service during the closing time.

Purchase suggestions for e-books

It is still possible to make purchase proposals using the usual forms. We are checking whether we can also provide the title as an e-book.

Purchase proposals for printed media will be processed, but will probably not be able to be delivered until after the closing time and will be processed accordingly.