Institute for Chemistry, Materials and Product Development




OHM-CMP is Nuremberg Tech’s research facility, in which 11 professors from 4 Faculties have joined forces in order to perform applied research and development in the fields of materials, processes, and products across the entire value-added chain, from the development of new materials to the production of new components and systems.

Product development, from planning, materials, and manufacturing through to the end of a component’s service life

Nuremberg Institute of Technology has a long-standing tradition in the field of applied research and development, particularly in the fields of chemistry, materials, and product development.

The development of new technologies and manufacturing processes, together with increasingly stringent requirements with regard to sustainability during manufacturing and when products reach the end of their lives, are posing new challenges for the aFuE.

To better address the new, multi-faceted topics in the areas of product development and material research, from composition to recycling, the 3D Visualization Center, the Competence Center for Analytics, Nano- and Materials Technology (KAM), and the Competence Center for Environmental Technology – Environmental Institute (UI) have merged to become the new Institute for Chemistry, Materials and Product Development (OHM-CMP). This has made it possible to carry out research into all aspects of the life cycle of a product, from the cradle to the grave, as it were, within a single institute.

This primarily occurs from the point of view of new manufacturing technologies, such as additive manufacturing or state-of-the-art bonding techniques, also taking account of sustainability during the product cycle, e.g. recycling-friendly material design or the use of safer raw materials.

The websites for OHM-CMP’s predecessor institutions can be found here: