Projektposter zum QuL-Forschungsprojekt Technik lernen mit 3D-Lernmodulen

Studying technology with 3D learning modules

Educational science-based, learner-orientated development, testing and evaluation of 3D learning modules for university teaching in technical faculties

The majority of students in natural sciences degree programmes face significant issues of understanding, especially in the early stages of university education, due to the huge complexity of the specialist content they are taught, which is reflected in the drop-out rate. For this reason and due to the shortage of new graduates in STEM subjects, this project is to explore an innovative, additional method of delivering content for use in universities with a view to improving the quality of teaching.

The technical and didactic building blocks to be implemented based on stereoscopic or perspective visualizations, will be tested in the next stage by heterogeneous target groups of students (and teaching staff) for usability and acceptance. The testing of the learning modules will also make it possible to make a differentiated assessment of the effectiveness of such visualizations in terms of the varying curriculums and learning arrangements, i.e. various types of classroom-based teaching, but also their suitability for integration in computer-based independent study units.