Bavarian Research Alliance for Efficient Product and Process Development by Knowledge-based Simulation

The aim of this research alliance is to improve the efficiency of virtual product and process development by creating a simulation framework based on expert knowledge to optimize the properties of new products. The expected result is the provision of the simulation expertise required by product developers in specific situations according to characteristic factors, such as the stage of the development process, the production processes used, and the individual framework conditions. The benefit to enterprises is provided in the form of shortened development cycles resulting from strategically organized simulation steps carried out with the input of expert knowledge. This results in improved product and process characteristics with reduced use of resources and reduced development risk.

FORPRO² Übersicht über den angestrebten Prozess

The subproject “Creation of adjusted, realistic geometries for simulation with 3D surface capture” involves the integration of real-world manufacturing deviations (e.g. sheet metal springback and cast part warpage) in simulation models to the extent that they have a relevant influence on the accuracy of the simulation outcome. The actual deviations are recorded by high-precision optical scanning processes. By comparing the generated real data with the ideal geometry from virtual product development, a simulation-ready solid model, adjusted for deviations, is created using the key criteria to be developed. This is achieved using a knowledge base and suitable procedures in a CAD system, based on surface comparisons and step-by-step editing of the initial model.