Projektposter zum Projekt FAMOS

Development of an expert-based fault and modification management method within the engineering design process – FAMOS

The goal of the project was to design an expert-based fault management methodology that ensures the simple recording of faults using a structured storage of knowledge regarding faults.

This makes it possible to locate this knowledge in a targeted way, develop creative measures, and draw on existing fault management processes. It also permanently relieves company staff of routine tasks.

Read all about this project in the following publications:

Hornfeck, R.; Plach, A.; Höhn, J.: Wissensbasiertes, unternehmerisches Fehlermanagementsystem - Fehlerwissen ist Macht [Knowledge-based, corporate fault management system – knowledge (of faults) is power]. In: Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit (QZ), Munich, Hanser-Verlag volume 56(2011)6

Plach, A.; Hornfeck, R.; Rieg, F.; Roth, J.: FAMOS - ein ganzheitlicher Ansatz zum Fehlermanagement [FAMOS - a holistic approach towards fault management], special edition no. 47 of Nuremberg Institute of Technology

H. Plach also published his dissertation on the topic of “Development of an expert-based fault management method” as part of the series “Fortschritte in Konstruktion und Produktion” [Advancements in Design and Production], published by Prof. Frank Rieg and Prof. Rolf Steinhilper, University of Bayreuth, Shaker-Verlag, ISBN 978-3-8440-0415-1.