Übersicht zum Projekt CIV, Jahrbuch MB/VS

Construction of a development process-orientated, computer-integrated documentation and visualization process for assembly processes (CIV process)

State-of-the-art 3D CAD systems are used to create 3D models in the construction sector, which can be edited further in other in-house processes, such as in production, in the development of cutting programs, or when programming coordinate measuring machines.

In these cases, the geometric models are supplemented during the production process with technology data, resulting in a digital mock-up (DMU).
There is no fully developed and efficient process chain in the assembly field.

The aim of this research project is to develop a low-cost process chain that can be used to record and visualize assembly processes rapidly using pre-existing 3D CAD data. The recorded and visualized assembly processes are then made available to an employee at the site of assembly via a display unit.
This process (known as a CIV process) is unheard of in the assembly field, at least to this level of detail.
This innovation is pioneering in the assembly process field, and this project will set an exemplary standard. The intended flexibility of the method will guarantee that it will be easily transferable to various assembly processes.