Two staff members in front of the Power Wall

Dive into a three-dimensional world, where you are not only a viewer, but also an actor. This is because our system automatically adapts the image to your viewpoint, creating an even more realistic experience. This, in turn, makes space utilization, design, overlaps, and bottlenecks easier to identify.

Since August 2015, our rooms and VR equipment have been available to hire for high-quality presentations, simulations, and design talks. An expert engineer is on hand to provide support throughout.

The VR Wall manufacturer’s user report produced in collaboration with the 3D Visualization Center demonstrates the opportunities offered by this technology.

Our portable VR systems are now available for you to use at any time:

  •     NEC U310W 3D ready DLP projector with shutter glasses
        You can find technical specifications on the manufacturer’s website
  •     LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV (60-inch) with polarization glasses
        You can find technical specifications on the manufacturer’s website

The following are possible with our VR tools:

  •     Virtual design studies
  •     Design reviews on digital mock-up
  •     Assembly simulations, structure simulations
  •     Flow simulations
  •     Ergonomics studies in an immersive environment
  •     Virtual training, assembly, and service instructions
  •     Building planning (buildings, plant halls, urban construction/landscaping, power station construction, etc.)
  •     Representation of scanned objects in virtual reality
  •     Presentations, designs

    and more

If you are interested in this technology, please contact us for further details. 

  • Image of an Oculus Rift - virtual reality goggles
  • Representation of a heart on the VR wall, with H. Morina