ALSTOM Lokomotiven Service GmbH

For the development of alternative drive trains for shunting locomotives, ALSTOM offers our institute the opportunity to take test runs on board hybrid shunting locomotives.

Audi AG

As far as the testing of H3 locomotives is concerned, the Ingolstadt site of Audi AG provides us with the opportunity to carry out measurement runs using the new hybrid shunting locomotives.

IMA - Universität Stuttgart

In the case of doctoral projects, the Railway Vehicle Engineering department at the Institute for Machine Components at the University of Stuttgart is an important cooperation partner for the IFZN.

MAN Truck & Bus

On behalf of MAN, we conduct measurements to determine the natural oscillation behaviour of combustion engines.

DB Regio Franken

DB Regio Franken provides our institute with opportunities to implement various projects for testing on the railway.