Laboratories of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Building Services Engineering

The IFZN has access to the following laboratories:

AVL engine test facility

Nominal power:            220 kW
Nominal torque:    467 Nm
Maximum rotation speed:  10000 1/min

Small engines test facility

Nominal power:           15 kW
Nominal torque:    20 Nm
Maximum rotation speed:  12000 1/min

Injection and combustion laboratory

  • Burner test bench

  • Injection test benches

  • Combustion chamber

Servo-hydraulic testing machines

.... to determine the component and operational stability during tensile, pressure, and alternating load tests

10kN  20kN  100kN

Quarter-vehicle test facility

Vehicle mass

Quarter-vehicle: 250 - 500kg

Undercarriage movement

Max. distance: ± 50mm
Max. acceleration: 30m/s2

Four-wheel drive test facility

Test speeds of up to 200 km/h
Power per axle up to 200 kW