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Modelling and energetic balancing and optimization of the entire drive system, from energy input to the work process.

Comprehensive and holistic optimization makes it possible to improve the efficiency of the system in a way that simply cannot be achieved by the traditional approach of considering the optimum efficiency of each of the individual components.

In order to achieve this, new modelling and simulation procedures are used, together with the electric drive train and the feed-in and working machine or mechatronic installation. The analytical and numerical optimization also results in new criteria and algorithms for the design, operation, and control of the system as a whole.

Using those models as a basis, it is also possible to determine the relevant parameters for the real system by means of parameter identification and to use them for the purposes of adaptation to ensure optimal operation.


Thanks to energetic recovery systems, it is possible to reduce the energy requirement of an elevator drive by up to 25%. The energy yield of a small hydropower plant can be increased by 20-25% through the use of an optimized, directly driven, variable-speed hydropower generator. Model-based status monitoring allows pump drives to be operated at optimum efficiency and up to 50% of operating power to be saved during partial-load operation. 



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