Testing of filter media for surface filters in accordance with VDI guideline 3926


Characterization and evaluation of cleanable filter media

Contact: Prof. Ulrich Teipel

Filterability of suspensions - Filter cake resistance (VDI 2726)



Statement about the filterability of suspensions

Filtration of carbon nanotube (CNT) suspensions in a chamber filter press

Project goal:

Determining the possibilities of discontinuous solid/liquid filtration of particles with an average size below 1 µm by means of a chamber filter press.
A test stand was set up to ascertain the filterability of aqueous CNT suspensions and suspensions with surface-modified CNTs. Depending on the process properties (mass flow, pressure loss, time required, etc.), the filtration properties and characteristics of the filter cake will be investigated. The objective is to develop a process with a sufficiently low specific filter cake resistance.


Contact: Alexander Dresel