Characterization of product properties

Based on the knowledge gained in research and development projects, we offer contract measurements for the following product properties:

  • Sample preparation
    Sample division (various ripple dividers, rotary sample dividers), dispersion behaviour
  • Particle size analysis
    Size range 5 nm – µm – mm
    Screening (vibration, wet, air jet),
    Sedimentation, scattered light particle counter, Coulter counter, image processing CAMSIZER, welas 2000 light-scattering spectrometer, laser diffraction spectrometry, cascade impactor, microscopy
  • Specific surface
    Permeability method (Blaine), gas adsorption (BET)
  • Particle density, bulk density
  • Rheological properties
    of suspensions, emulsions, and gels
  • Interfacial properties of particles, interfacial and surface tension