Library card/student ID card

Loans are registered via the library card. With the recording of your personal data, you receive a library number (printed on the card) and a password.

  • Students at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology receive their student ID card, which is at the same time a library card, directly at the Faculty introductory events or in the Faculty offices upon presentation of a current identity document.
  • In-house members (teaching and administrative staff) receive their library card upon presentation of their identity card or passport and current registration certificate and their contract of employment.
  • External library users receive their library card upon presentation of their identity card or passport and current registration certificate. A one-off fee of €5 is charged. Please bring this in the form of a note, as the payment can only be made via an automated pay station.
  • Students and other members of the Erlangen-Nuremberg University can additionally have their already existing UL card activated for Nuremberg Tech, if they personally present their identity card during service hours. There is no further fee.
  • Students at the FOM University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management receive the library card free of charge if they identify themselves accordingly.

Please report the loss of a card immediately, in order for this to be blocked and to prevent misuse by third parties.
Replacement cards cost €5. The amount can be settled by student ID card at the student ID service terminal or by cash at the university cash desk (Innere Cramer-Klett-Str. 4-8, Room SC.301).
You need to report a lost student ID card to the Central IT department; a replacement card costs EUR 10.

Conditions of use


Your password consists of the first four digits of your date of birth (born on 1 March 1994 -> password 0103) and is required together with the library number for logging into the OPAC user account. You can change the password there if desired.
If you have forgotten your password, please go to the service desk to have it restored to the original.

In combination with the library number, the password allows personalised work in the OPAC:

  • Viewing the user account
  • Loan period extensions
  • Reserving borrowed literature
  • Creating and maintaining a personal watch list in the OPAC
  • Use of interlibrary lending (exception: external users for whom the university library or city library is available)


Most media available in the open-access area can be loaned out. Media which cannot be borrowed are marked with a red label with the wording “reference copy”.

It is also not possible to borrow:

  • Periodicals
  • Storeroom stock published before 1930

Stock from the storeroom must be ordered via the OPAC. Following the order, the OPAC shows you when you can pick up the desired work (the next morning at the earliest).

Loan periods

The loan period is usually 4 weeks with the following exceptions:

  • for titles which have been reserved several times, the loan period is shortened to 2 weeks
  • for certain media such as films, CD-ROMs, specialist dictionaries, etc., a reduced loan period of 1 week may be set

Extending loan periods

The loan period can generally be extended five times, unless the title is reserved by another library user.
The loan periods and extension possibilities for media obtained through interlibrary lending can be seen on the accompanying slip.
However, interlibrary loans which have been called back in the meantime cannot be extended, and an extension period may be revoked where appropriate.
Please carry out extensions no earlier than 5 days before expiry of the loan period in the OPAC itself, by logging in with your library number and password and thereby managing your account. Please note or print out the new loan period end date displayed on the screen. An extension is only correctly entered in the user account when the new loan period end date is also displayed! If an extension is refused (for example because another user has reserved the title), you must return the book by the end of the loan period at the latest.


The University Library sends reminders by email five days before expiry of the loan period. Please note that you have no legal entitlement to these reminders and are responsible for complying with the loan periods regardless of whether you receive them.

Reserving borrowed literature

Borrowed literature can be reserved on the OPAC based on location. To do so, please log in with the desired branch (Central or Departmental Library). You will receive a notification by email as soon as the reserved literature is available for collection (for 9 opening days). If you have not given the University Library an email address, you can find out whether the reservation has become available in the meantime by regularly checking the user account in the OPAC. Reservations that are not yet available are displayed in the subaccount of the same name; all reservations available for collection as well as all ongoing and collectable interlibrary loan orders are listed in the orders subaccount.
It is not possible to reserve:

  • several copies of the same title
  • reference copies
  • copies of a title that you have already borrowed

If you no longer require a title before your reservation request has been met, please cancel the reservation in your user account!


Use of the University Library is free of charge. There are however costs for library cards for external students, interlibrary loan copies, lost library cards, requests for book returns, etc. The amounts can be seen in the list of fees (German).

Most fees can be settled with the student ID card. Debit terminals for this purpose are found both in the Central Library and in the Departmental Library. The receipt issued following the debit must be presented for discharge in the University Library.

Behaviour in the University Library

Beverages in tightly closable containers are allowed. Beverages in cardboard and plastic cups and cans are not permitted!

Sandwiches/filled rolls are allowed. All other food is to be consumed outside of the University Library!

It is forbidden to make telephone calls within the University Library.

Legal notices

The relationship between users and the University Library is regulated by the General Regulations on the Use of Bavarian State Libraries (ABOB) of 18 August 1993 (Official Gazette 1993, p. 635 ff).
Admission for use is governed by more detailed provisions of the Regulations for Using the University Library (in German) issued by the senate.

You as the user are responsible for correctly returning the media. In case of doubt, you can check this in your user account in the OPAC, in order to avoid reminder fees.

The IT workstations in the University Library are integrated into the computer network of the Nuremberg Institute of Technology. A login is required for use. Students are provided with the login and password upon enrolment. Additional guidelines apply to the use of these workstations.
People who are not members of the university cannot use PC workstations with free internet access. Members of other universities can access the internet via Eduroam where appropriate. The OPAC stations are freely accessible to all library users.