Please note: Our electronic services can only be accessed from the university network. To access them from home, in most cases you will need the VPN or EZProxy.

VDE Publishing House

VDE Regulations are now accessible everywhere on campus

23 July 2021

Due to a licensing change, effective immediately, all current VDE Regulations, including drafts, are accessible on campus via the VDE NormenBibliothek . However, it is not possible to print or save the norms.


ISO standards in Perinorm

8 March 2021

Brand new! Now you can read and download full text ISO standards in Perinorm (in German). This applies only to the current, valid versions, as it does for DIN standards. 

retrievable in DBIS

APA PsycInfo

17 Feb 2021

The fundamental bibliographic database for psychology and related fields, APA PsycInfo (in German), draws on ca. 2500 scientific journals and many books and dissertations from more than 50 countries.

It is produced by the American Psychological Association (APA).

The database is accessible via the ebsco interface within the Nuremberg Tech network. Access is initially limited until 31 March 2021 for a trial period.

1 February 2021

We have full text access to the current volumes of the periodicals from  since this year. 

The periodicals from Trans Tech publishing house address the areas of materials science, materials research, solid-state physics, as well as nanoscience, and biomedical engineering.

Trans Tech Publications Ltd.
Pixabay, Engin_Akyurt

Additional services provided by different publishing houses/providers


Some providers and publishing houses make their electronic offerings available on favourable terms or sometimes free of charge when the library is closed.
Since it is not possible to include all the offerings in OPAC at short notice or only for a short period, a compilation is provided here.

This page is continuously updated.

NWB Database
NWB Publishing House

NWB Database



The content of the NWB Database has been significantly enhanced and now also includes, in addition to a larger number of specialist journals, numerous reference books, and commentaries from the field of tax and commercial law.

VDE Publishing House

HKV Online


As of very recently, we are able to offer the electronic version of the loose-leaf edition "Handbuch der kommunalen Verkehrsplanung [Handbook of urban transport planning]".

This handbook provides basic information on transport planning in connection with town planning. It also takes into account the challenges of the current and future developments in transport.

DECHEMA material table


The new "DECHEMA Werkstofftabelle" material table database will be of interest to all university members working or carrying out research in the field of corrosion and chemical resistance of materials.

The material table can, however, only be accessed on the computers in the Central Library and via the VPN.

Dechema e.V.
DUZ Verlags- und Medienhaus GmbH

Developing personnel in universities and research


The journal "Personal in Hochschule und Wissenschaft entwickeln [Developing personnel in universities and research]" has recently been made available online on the university network. This specialist journal will not only be of interest to personnel development managers, but also to managers in the fields of science and administration.




"Science", one of the top STM journals, can now be consulted online.

The journals "Science Signaling" and "Science Robotics" have also been licensed.


atp Magazin


Anyone wishing to keep abreast of developments on the subject of automation technology will be pleased to know that the journal "atp Magazin" is now available on the university network. added to LinkedIn Learning


At the turn of the year, the content of was moved to the new platform LinkedIn Learning. As well as over 13,000 teaching and training videos on various subjects such as office software, web design, programming, 3D construction & CAD, IT administration, development and IT infrastructure, graphic and creative software, photography, mobile computing, digital lifestyle, business skills and much more besides in German and English, the platform now also provides articles in French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese.

The change of platform means that you will need to complete a new registration using your university email address.

LinkedIn Corporation

Springer eBook package 2019


The already well-known Springer eBook packages have been updated, with three new packages having been purchased for 2019:

The titles published in 2019 have also been obtained alongside the existing packages:

All eBooks can be found using OPAC as usual and can be accessed on the university network.

Springer E-Books

Physik Online


Following a successful testing period, the database "Physik Online [Physics Online]" (De Gruyter) has been licensed. It’s not only those studying AMP (Applied Mathematics and Physics) that will find extensive information here on highly diverse areas of physics; the database also contains the following: mechanics, electrodynamics, optics, thermodynamics and heat, states of matter, components of matter, astrophysics, applied physics, physics education, mathematical methods and concepts/values/units.

"Physics Online" is to be regarded primarily as a teaching and reference work; according to vendors, it also includes:

  • over 500 chapters from complete German-language classic textbooks and further bibliographical references

  • more than 1000 tutorials/exercises carried out, in most cases with complete solution steps

  • over 100 subject terms, with an extensive thesaurus of over 20,000 keywords

De Gruyter

Improved Juris access

14 December 2018

The Juris database has been available in the library for some time now. What is new is the more convenient access to the contents. There is no longer any limit on simultaneous access and the database can now be used from home (via the VPN). Database entries can also be easily saved and printed out.

Pixabay, Gerd Altmann

Test access to Inspec


A completely new feature is the ability to test the Inspec database until 30 April 2019. It covers many different fields of technology. For example, over 4,500 specialist journals and around 3,000 conference transcriptions concerning many subject areas such as physics, electrical engineering, electronics, computer and information technology, control technology and related areas such as mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, material sciences, nuclear engineering, geophysics, oceanography, nanotechnology, biophysics and biomedical engineering have been evaluated on the database.

The database is accessible via EBSCOhost.

IET, Ebsco

Test access to Total Materia


The "Total Materia" materials database will be able to be tested with immediate effect up until 1 December 2018. This database includes:

  • More than 450,000 material properties
  • Metals, polymers, ceramics, composites
  • 74 standard development organisations
  • International cross-reference tables
  • Chemical composition
  • Mechanical and physical properties
  • Several material comparison options
  • More than 3,000 sources for expanded data
  • More than 150,000 stress/strain curves
  • More than 35,000 materials with cyclical properties
  • Assessment and interpolation of properties
  • Data export for CAE software
  • Identification of unknown materials
  • Monitoring updates in standards and materials

The digital SAP library


Around 135 eBooks and approximately 65 training videos in German and English on various business administration subjects and IT questions relating to SAP can be found in the SAP library. These have to be read on screen – there is no option to download a PDF! The eBooks are also available in OPAC.

Espresso Tutorials GmbH



The online platform HERDT-Campus by the publisher Herdt can be used to download around 680 digital IT teaching and training materials. The eBooks can now be found in OPAC.

Anorganik Online


The "Anorganik Online [Inorganics Online]" database has been licensed specifically for the field of inorganic substances. Among other things, students can browse through well-known German-language teaching books on the subject of inorganic chemistry to obtain comprehensive information and learn about all areas of inorganic substances. Highly targeted searches can be made using an interactive periodic table of elements.

De Gruyter

SPIE Digital Library - a new database for optics and photonics


The new database "SPIE Digital Library" for optics and photonics has been available since the start of this year. The database from "The International Society for Optics and Photonics", which is abbreviated to SPIE, includes an extensive collection of publications (conference reports, journal articles) on applied research in the specialist areas of optics, quantum optics, technical optics and photonics.

Wiley’s "Dummies für die Chemie [Chemistry for Dummies]" series


A number of eBooks have been bought from the well-known "…für Dummies [... for Dummies]" series published by Wiley specifically for chemistry. The exact titles can be found here in OPAC.

Springer Archives


Since demand was high for older eBooks published by Springer, the entire Springer Archives were purchased for the "Technology and Computer Science" and "Natural Sciences" bundles. Access is therefore provided to all the eBooks that previously appeared in these two bundles.

The Springer Archive "Economics Millennium" is also available, meaning that all the economics eBooks from 2000 onwards can now be accessed.

Springer eBooks 2018


The latest editions of various eBook bundles have also been purchased this year:     

The eBook bundle "Medicine", which was released in 2018, has been purchased very recently. 

All eBooks can be found using OPAC as usual and can be accessed on the university network.

Springer E-Books