Online counseling – easy and uncomplicated

The Student Counseling Service at Nuremberg Tech offers prospective and current students an online advisory platform – the Student Counseling Portal.Here you can access information and counseling online, anonymously and at any time.

Perhaps it is not easy for you to seek help and support or to take advantage of face-to-face advice.The Student Counseling Portal offers you an uncomplicated and easy way to find support if you are facing questions, ambiguities or uncertainties concerning the following topics: 

  • Orientation and Choosing a Programme
  • Admission and Application
  • Organising your studies
  • Stays abroad
  • Doubts about your course, change of study, and dropping out
  • Personal problems
  • and more... 

On the Nuremberg Tech Student Counseling Portal, you can choose freely between forum, chat and individual advice.

Advice on an equal footing

Information and advice is mainly provided by students at Nuremberg Tech, known as peer advisors.They are trained in the basics of online communication and online counseling and work on a voluntary basis.The students are guided and supported in their work by the Student Counseling Service.

Your contact for the Student Counseling Portal

Online counseling – easy and uncomplicated