Support in eldercare

What does the emergency support for care-givers during the coronavirus pandemic provide?

It is possible to be absent from work for up to 20 days (previously 10 days) due to care situations that arise acutely. A pandemic-related acute care situation that needs to be managed is the condition that must be met to use these additional days. The care support allowance can be claimed as a wage replacement benefit for up to 20 days as well. Days for which care support allowance have been used are counted. This regulation is valid until 31 March 2022.


Are there changes related to family care leave and/or care-giver leave due to the corona pandemic?

Employees who take on care-giver responsibilities in addition to professional activity will receive the possibility to use their family care leave and care-giver leave more flexibly, with the agreement of their employer, for a limited time until 31 March 2022. Individuals who have not yet exhausted the legal framework for time off (6 months of care-giver leave, 24 months of family care leave) are able to take remaining unused leave at short notice, provided they do not exceed the total duration of 24 months.
The notice period has been temporarily shortened; the employer must receive notice of the intent to take family care leave 10 days before the leave begins (rather than 8 weeks). The minimum hours of work during family care leave, 15 hours, can fall below this limit, temporarily. Notice in written form is adequate. The direct continuity between care-giver leave and family care leave is also suspended until 31 March 2022.

Employees who have taken or are taking time off based on the special regulations for the COVID-19 pandemic may take the remaining months of their time off entitlements under the “Pflegezeitgesetz” and the “Familienpflegezeitgesetz”, even after these new regulations expire, up to the maximum or total duration.


Are there distinctive features of financial support in the form of interest-free loans during the coronavirus pandemic?

Upon request, months with pandemic-related loss of income can be disregarded in the determination of the loan amount. The administrative process for the repayment of the loan has been simplified for affected individuals. 


Are there changes to the amount of relief during the corona pandemic?

Long term care patients with care-level 1 can use the relief sum in the amount of 125 euros differently, a deviation from the current stipulations according to state law. This applies temporarily until 31 March 2022, for example, for household services.


What support does Nuremberg Tech offer during the coronavirus pandemic?

If needed for the purpose of caring for a family member who requires care and no other support is possible, employees can be granted temporary alternating teleworking, mobile working, or a subsidiary leave of absence (with continued payment of salary) upon request. The condition of this benefit is the necessity of providing care due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Version date: January 2022